Strategic Planning

A company needs a strategic plan to perform at its best. Period.

Amazing things happen when people are aligned under a common vision. Competition turns to collaboration, synergy increases and productivity soars.

High performing organizations know and build on their strategic advantages. Anything can become a strategic advantage if developed properly: customer experience, financial creativity, industry knowledge, company culture, sales strategy, unique products and exceptional service. Industry leaders create cultures that support people in doing their jobs effectively and enjoyably. This attracts and retains the most skilled and empowered employees who work together to achieve excellence.


“Unleash a positive revolution!”

Lifestream facilitates strategic planning using Positive Engagement, a method that is based on the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry (AI).  This is a model that engages stakeholders in “self-determined change”.  Researchers who discovered the AI process found that the overuse of typical problem solving hampered social improvement, positivity and growth.  AI was developed as a new method to engage with people, generate ideas and bring about positive change.  The results have been proven by thousands of successful small businesses and multinational corporations around the globe (British Airways, John Deere and Nutrimental Food to name a few).

Want to know more on Appreciate Inquiry?  Watch a short, video introduction by Professor John Hayes.

Many strategic plans involve only management who “roll out” their plan to reluctant employees who simply aren’t interested. With LifeStream, everyone is at the table and the inclusive process creates 100% buy-in and commitment from all.

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